Delongs Automotive Repair
Specializing in British Automotive Repair Since 1974

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At Delongs Automotive, we have the capability of restoring any vintage British automobile to any specification, from strictly OEM to highly modified performance machines. Delongs Automotive has been restoring British vintage automobiles for local Concourses and British Car Rallies since our inception in 1974.

The restoring of a vintage automobile is not a cheap or simple task, nor is it a undertaking that should be rushed to completion. Restoration demands extraordinary patience and craftsmanship skills.

From the prestigue marques of Jaguar and Rolls Royce, to the more exotic British roadsters like Triumph, Singer, Austin Healey, Aston Martin, MG,  Morgan and Lotus we can perform any vintage restoration imaginable, be it a full body restoration or the sourcing a rare British car part, Delongs Automotive will get the job done.



We can incorporate modern audio equipment, air conditioning, seats, factory original wood work.

  • Replacement of drophead top and headliner
  • Full engine rebuild
  • Fully rebuilt clutch/transmission
  • Rebuilt radiators
  • Alloy radiators
  • Carburetors
  • Fully rebuilt cylinder head
  • Oil pumps & oil sumps
  • Crankshafts
  • Flywheels
  • Full frame-off restoration
  • Completely refurbished interior      

Restoration Pricing Policy

All restoration tasks are completed and billed on a time and material basis. This is necessary due to the potential hidden and unknown problems inherent to all automobiles. Because of the unknown, we do not give quotes or exact estimates and prefer to give cost projections. As the major unknown factors are discovered, the cost projection or estimate will be updated with supplements where aplicable.

Delongs Automotive requires a down payment in advance to initiate any restoration project. Labor, parts and materials are drawn off the first and subsequent deposit(s) amount. When your account balance nears zero a new deposit will be required no later than the end of the current month to continue the restoration project; late payments will cause work to be suspended until account balance has been restored.

Copies of all invoices reflecting incurred expenses shall be sent to you as well as a statement of current account balance. Average restoration project down payments normally run $2500 - $4500 dependent upon the scope of the restoration.